Nobuyuki Mizuoka Profile

Nobuyuki Mizuoka
  • Born June 30th, 1968

Meet Nobuyuki Mizuoka !

Nobuyuki Mizuoka is a Composer and Keyboard player from Tokyo, Japan. He specializes in Jazz, but his music is definitely not limited to the conventional “Jazz” style music. They are well blended with touches of “traditional-Japanese” and oriental flavor(s), creating a truly unique cross-over effect, which is now recognized and loved by many supporters in Japan.

He started to take classic piano lessons back in his childhood days ; his favorite composers in this field include Debussy and Ravel. His interests expanded to other categories of music during his high school days, and after entering Chuo University (majoring in Law), he made further progress in fields of Jazz, Pops, Rock, Soul, Latin and Blues.

He has continued to participate as a free lance stage & studio keyboard player, became solo in June 2005, and eventually formed his independent music production company (the MNG Co.) in April 2008. He has been leading his own Jazz group (The Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group) since then, and is making regular performances at leading live stages in the metropolitan Tokyo area including the Sweet Basil 139, JZ Brat, Club Ikspiari and Motion Blue Yokohama. He is also known to be very active in performing charity stages at many hospitals and nursing homes.

As of June 2012, Nobuyuki has released a total of six original albums in Japan. His composition have been highly praised by leading music commentators including Reiko Yukawa.

  • Tomorrow (Jul. 2005)
  • Home-Bound (Dec. 2005)
  • Departure (Nov. 2006)
  • Tabibito-boshi (Aug. 2008)
  • Life (Oct. 2009)
  • Singles in the Pot (May 2012)
    (In addition, a single CD “Kizuna” was released in Dec. 2007)
  • Nobuyuki is also popular in collaborating his music and profession with a variety of media sources. He currently has two weekly Jazz programs of his own, one with -SMILE FM (Saitama) and another with ICHIHARA FM (Chiba). (His program on -SMILE FM is heard nationwide via online-streaming.)

In addition his music has been used regularly with programs such as …

  • TV Asahi “Hitoh Roman”
  • Fuji TV “Gout Temps Nouveau”
  • NHK TV Osaka “News Terrace Kansai”
  • FM Kisarazu “Starlit Sky Park by Makky”

Most importantly during the recent months, he was responsible in composing and producing the music used on the documentary film “Tachiiri-Kinshi Kuiki Futaba - Saredo waga kokyo” (“Off-Limit Area Futaba - But still, this is my home to return”).

  • This is a documentary film showing the “realities” of what is now happening at the local towns nearby the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant who had to have all people evacuate due to the radiation effects.


TEL   090-4951-6490
FAX   03-3421-8026